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Sirus is a band that hails from the land down under in the lovely city of Melbourne, Australia. Sirus started from the mastermind of Josh Rombout.  He started back in 2002 and soon transitioned his electronic music into the more darker alternative music genre of Terror EBM.  In 2008, he released 'Falling Through Dystopia' which would make any Mad Max fan envious. In 2009, he added industrial musician, Andrew Waugh from Dead Unit, into Sirus. Since then the band has added Dani McKay on female vocals and Ryan Perillo on drums.

From that point on, Sirus has been combining the sounds of dark Dubstep, industrial, EBM, terror Electro, breaks, and many elements of electronica. Their single, 'Neon Dominion' , from the 2015 album, 'Satellite Empire', is a club favorite and sure to get any dance floor stomping.  They have 7 releases under their belt, and their latest release 'Broken Empire', from their label, DWA (Digital World Audio), contains many remixes from bands such as Grendel, Aesthetic Perfection, C-Lekktor, Ginger Snap5, FGFC820, Ivardensphere, and many more amazing remixes.

For fans of musicians such as Gesaffelstein, X-fusion, Grendel, and Aesthetic Perfection, this is one band you want to turn up the volume and jam out to!

Albums and EPs:
2008 - Falling Through Dystopia
2011 - Venmous Frequencies E.P.
2013 - Broken Hearts Corporate Minds
2015 - Full Scale Revolt E.P.
2015 - L.O.I.C. (Single)
2015 - Satellite Empire
2016 - Neon Dominion (Single)
2018 - Singularity (Single)
2018 - Broken Empire
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