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Joachim Witt is a time traveler.
Witt's journey began in as the guitarist/vocalist for Krautrock band Dusenberg. After releasing 3 albums during the 70's, Witt leapt forward into the 80's to embark on a solo career that propelled him to the forefront of the German New Wave movement. Alongside contemporaries Falco, Peter Schilling, Nina Hagen, and Kraftwerk, Witt helped redefined himself and electronic music with songs like "Goldener Reiter".
The 1990's found Witt once again leaping forward in time, this time scoring major hits with collaborations with artists like Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim, Apocalyptica, and Tilo Wolff of Lacrimosa. His solo albums Kapitan der Traume and Bayreuth 1 & 2 brought him once more to the top of the charts as a platinum selling artist throughout Europe.
Now, nearly 2 decades later, Witt once again has thrust himself into the future as he carves out a prominent position in Industrial and Goth scenes. Reaching back to his past and finding success through collaborations with some of todays most groundbreaking artists like Mono Inc, MajorVoice, Angelzoom, and Lord of the Lost. All the while, producing his own amazing solo albums.

Solo Albums
Silberblick (1980)
Edelweiß (1982)
Märchenblau (1983)
Mit Rucksack und Harpune (1985)
Moonlight Nights (1985)
10 Millionen Partys (1988)
Kapitän der Träume (1992)
Bayreuth 1 (1998)
Bayreuth 2 (2000)
Eisenherz (2002)
Pop (2004)
Bayreuth 3 (2006)
DOM (2012)
Neumond (2014)
Ich (2015)
Thron (2016)
Rübezahl (2018)
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