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That’s right folks! We’ve now setup all of our social media and connected them to the site! Feel free to follow and share to your heart’s content! The links to the various social media sites will be in this post and can be found around the site as well.

Artist Highlights

Coming soon, we’ll be launching our Artist Highlights section. This section will be articles written by our Dj’s that will “highlight” a particular artist and how they came to be. You’ll find links to these artist’s social media as well as links to where you can buy their music (and maybe even a link to their Spotify!).

About Page

Also coming soon will tb the About page. You’ll be able to find information on Das Maschine and it’s beginnings as well as bio’s of our Dj’s so you can get to know them better and understand what drives them to do what they do for you and the scene.

For now, that about wraps up the news, oh wait, one last thing…


Image for Das Maschine on May 19th

Go now. RSVP. Prepare to STOMP!!!

And last, but certainly not least, here’s those social links we promised!

Auf Wiedersehen für jetzt meine Freunde!

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